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Ogle Consulting Ltd can work with existing and potential investors to create and enhance their plantation forestry investment in New Zealand and elsewhere.

New Zealand forestry offers excellent opportunities for investors to secure a profitable and strategic investment in plantation forest growing, processing and wood product marketing. New Zealand has around 1.8 million hectares of exotic plantations, approximately 90% of which is Radiata pine and a further 6% of which is Douglas fir. These plantations are currently producing approximately 30 million cubic metres annually, and this volume is expected to increase to over 35 million cubic metres over the next 10 years.

The plantation forest resource is 95% privately owned. Approximately 40% of the log harvest is processed in New Zealand with the balance being exported in log form. The processing is predominantly export orientated, with New Zealand being an important international supplier of sawn timber, wood pulp, paper/ paperboard, and medium density fibreboard.

New Zealand's sustainably managed plantation forests are highly productive. New Zealand plantation forests generally maintain average mean annual increments in excess of 20m3/ha/year.

Over the past 70 years New Zealander's have become highly skilled in planning, managing, harvesting, processing and marketing our plantation forests. A strong research and trained technical knowledge base is now available

Ogle Consulting Ltd can assist you with a potential or existing investment in one or more of the following areas:

  • Potential Forest Investment Assessments
  • Valuations
  • Forest Operations Audits
  • Feasibility Studies and Economic Evaluations
  • Procurement, Management Planning, Silvicultural Advice, Operations Supervision
  • Kyoto Protocol/ Carbon Credits issues/ Emission trading issues
  • Forestry Business and Strategic Planning Studies
  • Forest Product Market Studies
  • Country/ Regional/ District Forest Resource Assessments
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