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Major assignments undertaken by Alan Ogle / Ogle Consulting Ltd over the last 15 years include:


:. 2014

NEW ZEALAND & OFFSHORE - Ongoing Forest Investment Management including finance functions, marketing and day to day harvesting oversight for 10 clients in New Zealand plus business mentoring in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


:. 2013

VIETNAM - Team Leader for 20 days (spread over 2.5 months) for a Trust Fund for Forests, Hanoi Project Completion Final Review (FR) of the Finnish MFA funded FORMIS Project. The FORMIS Project involved building a modern forest information system for improved decision making to ultimately cover the whole of Vietnam from central to local level. The FR consisted of a team of 3 consultants to independently assess after 3 years whether the chosen approaches were sound/ sustainable and whether the resources available were used in and efficient and appropriate way.


:. 2012

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - A 5 day management information systems review for a large forestry sector company experiencing management information/ accounting reporting difficulties.

VIETNAM - Team Leader for 21 days (spread over 2 months) for an appraisal/ design review of the 2nd phase Project Document of Finnish MFA funded FORMIS Project. The FORMIS Project involves building a modern forest information system for improved decision making to ultimately cover the whole of Vietnam from central to local level. The appraisal consisted of a team of 3 consultants to independently assess the 2nd phase project document to span the period 2012 to 2017.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 40 days spread over 5 visits to Papua New Guinea over the period 2012 to 2014 and ongoing. Funded by Business Mentors NZ/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Project involves business mentoring to 15 individual indigenous owned businesses. The aim of the programme is to provide pragmatic assistance to improve the economic benefits flowing from successful businesses plus provide input to Government on factors affecting business growth. The mentoring has included 2 new business planning / feasibility studies for agro processing businesses.


:. 2011

VIETNAM - Team Leader for 25 days (spread over 3 months) for Mid Term Review (MTR) of Finnish MFA funded FORMIS Project. The FORMIS Project involves building a modern forest information system for improved decision making to ultimately cover the whole of Vietnam from central to local level. The MTR consisted of a team of 3 consultants to independently assess after 2 years whether the chosen approaches are sound/ sustainable and whether the resources available are being used in and efficient and appropriate way. The project included a review of Government policies and plans for the sector.

NEW ZEALAND - Forest Product Administrative/ Marketing Manager : Managing the consenting processes, infrastructure construction and sale process for a 130,000m3 of saw logs for a private forest owning company. An on-going (2011 to 2016) part-time assignment involving tendering, negotiations and contractor supervision of a $6 million package of contracts.


:. 2009

NEW ZEALAND - Consultant to Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for 2 months to research and draft a CITES Appendix II proposal for kwila/merbau (Intsia spp.) following the Annex 6 criteria, as part a concept/plan for the greater protection of the remaining kwila/ merbau resource.


:. 2008

INDIA - Consultant for to the Tripura Forest Environmental Improvement and Poverty Alleviation Project (JICA Funded). The project objectives centre on enhancing the effectiveness of Forest Department activities in interaction with forest dwelling and fringe communities, including increased support for income generation from alternative sources including NTFP. Engaged as Income Generation Activity and NTFP Marketing Specialist for 15 months over 4.5 years (2008 to 2011)

VIETNAM - Consultant to the Forests for Livelihood Improvement in the Central Highlands. (ADB Funded). The project objectives include formulating technically sound and socially relevant forest plans for over 3 million ha of natural forests and plantations on bare land and effective participation of the local communities and the private sector in sustainable forestry. Engaged as Business Planning and Forest Valuation specialist for a period of 12 months spread over 5 years. (2008 to 2012)


:. 2007

VIETNAM - A 2 week update for private sector interests on plantation forest areas, future wood-flows, wood pricing and competitive analysis on potential pulpwood growing areas in Vietnam.

EAST AFRICA - Consultant to assist in the preparation of a policy paper for improving the access, use and management of miombo woodlands by rural poor people. Input included NTFP/ timber market issues, payment for environmental services, business advisory services and financing. (World Bank funded desk based study)

NEW ZEALAND - Consultant to Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for 2 months to research the practicality and feasibility of introducing a supplier declaration of legality on all timber and wood products sold in New Zealand.

VIETNAM - Consultant for 5 months to Forestry Department/ World Bank to assist in preparation of a “Program Partnership for Sustainable Forest Land Management. Engaged as institutions and financing specialist to prepare project profiles for 4 degraded forest areas plus draw together a broader sector wide program to fund accelerated land allocation and improve forest land management.


:. 2006

MOZAMBIQUE - Consultant for 5 weeks to USAID in a forestry sector study to identify constraints impacting environmentally sustainable production and management of forestry and wood production. This included an assessment of ways in which to promote exports of wood products whilst promoting the sustainable production wood.

INDIA - Consultant and Market Analyst for 6 weeks to the Madhya Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Project (DFID funded) to analyse and prepare a business plan relating to the production, processing and marketing of lac in Madhya Pradesh, as a natural resource based rural livelihood enterprise. The project included extensive liaison with communities, traders, processors, exporters, NGOs and government stakeholders to develop a strategy for future development.

NEW ZEALAND - Consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to recommend an appropriate cost recovery charge system to apply to the “permanent Forest Sinks Initiative (PFSI). PFSI provides for forest sink covenants that will allow landowners to access the value of carbon sequestration on their land.


:. 2005

VIETNAM - Team Leader for 6 weeks to the World Bank/ FAO to review the
progress of State Forestry Enterprise reform in Vietnam. The assignment
involved a review of policy and the institutional framework at national
and provincial level (in 5 provinces) in implementing reform, and
provided recommendations to monitor/ enhance the impacts of reform.

PHILIPPINES - Evaluation Consultant and Team Leader for 6 weeks to
undertake a post evaluation of the Bukidnon Forestry Incorporated (BFI)
project that had been assisted by the NZ Government from 1986 to 2003.
The objectives of the post project evaluation were to: assess the extent
to which BFI has achieved the shared policy objective and principles set
in 2000; assess the social, economic and environment impact of BFI;
consider lessons from BFI and the NZAID involvement which might be
relevant to future NZAID work.


:. 2004

VIETNAM - Team Leader to SNV Netherlands Development Organisation for 3
weeks to undertake a project preparation mission to prepare a
reforestation and carbon credit project for degraded forest land in the
district of A Luoi in Thua Thien Hue Province”. The project was
principally focused on setting up a farmer forestry extension service,
financing farmers and cost benefit analysis.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Forestry Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser to AusAID’s
Advisory Support Facility (ASFII) advisory team to the PNG Forest
Authority. Recruited by Sagric International to provide approx 30 days
of assistance over the 12 month period commencing Sep 2004. The
assignment involved 3 visits to monitor project outcomes plus specist
inputs on plantation forest valuation.

VIETNAM - Team Leader to SNV Netherlands Development Organisation for 3
weeks to undertake an external evaluation of the project “Strengthening
Forestry Management Capacity in Thua Thien Hue Province”. The evaluation
required a field assessment of past performance against project goals.
It included an assessment of impacts methodologies used, and development
of options for possible followup phases. The project was principally
focused on assisting in land allocation related to forest land.


:. 2003 / 2004

INDIA - Consultant for World Bank to review and describe the structure of current market systems in 3 states for forest products, and non-timber forest products.

VIETNAM - Consultant for World Bank to undertake a “diagnostic audit” and valuation of TT Hue Forest Products Trading Company as part of the process of partial privatisation of the company. The company has 3 wood processing operations plus investments in 2000 ha. of plantation forests

VIETNAM - Consultant to Netherlands Development Trust in liaison with World Bank Forestry Sector Development Project loan preparation to provide business planning training to 40 staff from selected State owned enterprises and companies, in 4 central coastal provinces.

VIETNAM - Consultant to the German GTZ Refas Project to be a facilitator in the preparation of the first district level “forest strategies” in Vietnam.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Business Consultant. An assignment for NZAID to review the strategy and operations of the PNG Government owned Fresh Produce Development Company.


:. 2002

VIETNAM - Deputy Team Leader, Forest Production and State Forest Enterprise Reform Specialist. Engaged for 3 months as part of World Bank funded forest sector development project preparation team. The project includes a review of policy, institutional reform, land classification/ allocation, and production (including processing/ marketing issues) and the development of a loan funded project to improve forest sector effectiveness.

TONGA - Private Sector Development Consultant. A 3 week assignment for the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade to assist in the development of a medium term strategy for NZODA assistance to private sector development in Tonga.

INDIA - Jharkhand State proposed Community Forestry Project. Participated for 2.5 weeks in the project concept design team funded by World Bank, as a Forest Products Marketing Specialist. The work included an examination of marketing policies, and practices for timber and non-timber forest products that should be addressed in project design.

INDIA - Uttar Pradesh State Forestry Project. Participated for 1.5 weeks as a Forestry Private Sector Participation Specialist to evaluate the extent the World Bank funded project has increased private sector participation in nursery establishment and farm forestry.

NEW ZEALAND - Forestry Business Planning and Forest Due Diligence Specialists - Forest resource assessment and preparation of a business plan for a private offshore investor planning a 33,000 ha investment into plantation forests in New Zealand.

NEW ZEALAND - Ongoing management and administration of Waiake Forestry Ltd and McQueens Pass Forestry Partnership - a 300 ha private forestry investment.


:. 2001

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Processing/ Financial Specialist for 1.5 months as part of a review of the forest revenue system. The aim of the study was to assist the Government lay foundations for an efficient and equitable tax and revenue system for the sector that will where possible further encourage local processing. The assignment was funded by AusAID.

SOUTH AFRICA - Indigenous forestry business development specialist for a forestry assignment funded by UK DFID. A 5 week involvement to assist in the design of a project to accelerate rural development/ reduce rural poverty through the expansion of opportunities for indigenous South African owned forestry related businesses in the forestry sector. The study included analysis of wood product markets and processing opportunities.

NEW ZEALAND - Forestry Investment Specialists to NZ Government (Trade NZ) to interview leading forestry companies and advise on strategies to improve private sector investment into wood related processing. This included a studying the cost competitive factors relating to NZ processing, Description of NZ's plantation resources by region, and wood supply forecasts.

TANZANIA - Privatisation of plantations assignment funded by World Bank. A 3 month assignment involving valuation and exploring mechanisms for increased private sector involvement in plantation forestry. The study has included wood processing costings, log royalty and pricing studies.


:. 2000

SOLOMON ISLANDS - Forest Resource Economic/Financial specialist funded under AusAID to review the resource rent, export tax and rent pricing system and establish a monitoring and evaluation system. A 4.5-month involvement in the forest management project over 3 years. The study included a review of issues and costings relating to encouraging domestic processing.

COOK ISLANDS - Business analyst to review 12 projects funded under the Pacific Islands Investment and Development Scheme (PIIDS)

TONGA - Team Leader and Senior Forestry/ Environmental Specialists. Supplied 2 of a 3 person team to Review the NZODA/Tonga Forestry Project, including assessing impacts of past 9 years, assessing performance against objectives and recommending the future strategy for the project. (Funded by NZODA). The project included both agroforestry and plantation forestry components. Log sales, domestic processing costs and log pricing were also reviewed.

VIETNAM - State-owned Forest Enterprises (SFEs) Reform. Business/ Financial analyst for 3 weeks to GTZ REFAS Project to undertake case studies regarding the reform of six SFEs in the Thanh Hoa and Dak Lak provinces. Followed by a further 3 week assignment to GTZ REFAS to conduct business planning training courses (plus training of trainers) for a further 22 enterprises in the Thanh Hoa and Dak Lak provinces.

VIETNAM - State Forest Enterprise restructuring/ reform. Team leader and Financial/Business management specialist for 8 months (1998 to 2000) to Asian Development Bank (ADB) to analyse, classify and assist in reorganisation of 400 SFEs. The study included an examination of forest product/ NTFP marketing, wood processing and business practices.

SOUTH PACIFIC - PIIDS. Funded by the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT). Private sector representative to assessment panel to assess the commercial viability of PIIDS project grant applications. Involved assessments (including reassessments) of approx. 100 applications/annum over the period 1992 to 2000 Countries involved have been the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.


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